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Switzerland And The World Beautiful Places

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touristguidegb.blogspot.comSwitzerland is the world’s beautiful country, which is located at the central Europe. It is located at the 13100 ft above the sea level, highest mountain ranges, lakes, plateaus enhance the beauty of the Switzerland and 17 mountain peaks above 13100ft from the sea level. Total population of Switzerland is 7870500. The total area is 41293 sq km; Neighbour Countries of Switzerland are Germany, France, Italy and Austria.The government is federal republic with far reaching cantonal autonomy. Switzerland has 26 Cantons the Federal States of Swiss Conferation. bernis the capital city. The economic center is Zürich, the International City is Geneva, National Holiday is August 1 remembering the confederacy of 1291. The money currency is Swiss Francs which is considered the most stable currency of the world. Switzerland has also a stable politics, social peace  and is one of the world's important financial centers.Switzerland has excellent education system, well qualified workforce, high wages which corresponds to the high standard of living though labor cost is still lower compared to other countries. Switzerland is among the the top five of the most important economies.Switzerland has four languages: German 74%, French21%, Italian 4% and Rumantsch 1%. The traditional religions are Catholic 42%, Protestant 35%, Jews 0.3%, without religion 15%.


Places to Visit In Switzerland

Chapel Bridge with water tower, the mostancient preserved wooden bridge in Europe, around 1300. Spreuer bridge with scenes from the Dance of Death, old downtown, Jesuit Church,Towers, Carnival (look over the calendar event)), Swiss Transport Museum, Cultural and Congress Center, , Glacier Garden, Rosengart Collection, Mount Pilate, Glacier Garden, Steamboat ride on Lake Lucerne,


Oldest Swiss tourist resort, governor's castle, Tell - Schiller's drama, folklore.


Cathedral Notre.Dame,town hall , St. Francois church.

Foodmeusium, Camera Museum, School of Photography.


Chilon Castle, Hotels in Riviera style (19th century), Lakeside promenade, Chatelard Castle (15th century), Jazz Festival in July.

Other cities and Towns


Capital of Switzerland - Bundeshaus, old towm , eleven fountains, allegoric figures, Gothic Cathedral, clock tower- play of figures 4 minutes before the full hour, bear pit, open air rock festival in Gurten Hill.


Water jet 130 m, botanical garden, town hall, Monument of Reformation, Headquarters of 130 international organizations, UNESCO / UNICEF headquarters.If you have more time, visit more interesting towns and cities: Basel, zurich, St. Gallen, Baden, Bellinzona, Biel/Bienne, La Chaux-de-Fonds,

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