Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Syria Russian Begun To Withdrawal When Peace Talks Enter Second Day

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When peace talk entered into second day The first Russian planes flew out of Syria on Tuesday, it is hoped that diplomat will boost new round of UN backed peace talks.
It is significant development for peace talk that Russian pullout their forces said by Staffan de Mistura, he said that it will have positive impact on the progress of negotiation,
Russia sent some 50 warplanes to carry out thousands of strikes across Syria arguing that it was targeting “terrorist” groups including the militant Islamic State.
The defense ministry said, a day after President Vladimir Putin ordered most of his forces out of the war-torn nation.
Western leaders reacted cautiously to the announcement, with Moscow yet to specify a timeframe for the withdrawal and set to maintain its air and naval base and advanced air defence systems in Syria.

At the end all the embasedor and political analyst argue that it will bring pressure to Basar Ul Asad regim to come back to peace talks and the results will come to end.

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