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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:20 PM
DirectoryPress is a brilliant premium WordPress theme developed by PremiumPress themes. This theme allows you to develop a directory website using WordPress in minutes. Once you will install the theme, you need to activate it by entering the license key. The theme costs around $79 but don't worry, I have brought you the free download of this premium WordPress theme with license key. First download this theme and then enter any of the license / activation codes provided at the end of this post to activate the theme and launch your own directory today.

How to Install and Activate DirectoryPress Theme?

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  • You will be asked to enter a license code. Enter any of the following codes and proceed.
    • 8452156
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Types of Markets

Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:14 PM
Market is a place where the consumer and buyer meet together  to buy and sell goods. Economist describe the market as collection of buyers and sellers who transact over a particular product, there are five basics markets, manufacturer buy resources and turn them into goods and services, consumer sell their labor and receive money which they pay for goods and services, government collect taxes from manufacturerindustrialist, intermediaries, use these market and services from the betterment of the public services,each nations economy and complex economy link through exchange process.
Marketer often cover the various group of customers ,there is relationship between industry and the market. There are various customers market, consumer market, business market, global market and non profit market.
Consumer market
In such type of market mega buying and selling of goods takes place, companies selling mass consumer goods and services such cosmetics, soft drinks, travel and athletic shoes and equipment, most of the brand depends upon the superior products and packaging, delivering in a time to available the product when required, to bring changes in the product the continuously communicating with the consumer and provide reliable services.
Business market
Business market is the place where professional, well informed and well trained business activities are taken place under competitive environment, in such market the business people purchase goods or resell the good at other at high price, business market demonstrate how the product will help the buyers achieve higher revenue or lower costs.advertising play an important role but the sales force,prices and reputation of the company plays a stronger one.
Global market
Global market bring additional challenges for the product or company, there they face more competition with respect to the national market, in global market the manufacturer face the global competition, how to price the product, how to adopt the services and features of the product, they make these decisions in the face of different requirement for buying,negotiating, owing, and disposing of the market.
Nonprofit and Governmental markets

Companies sell their product to nonprofitable organization such as charitable organizations, governmental agencies, hospitals etc.the buyers have limiting purchasing power.lower pricing can build affect the feature and quality the seller can have in the offering, 

Iraqi forces face tough IS resistance on Fallujah fringes

Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:09 PM
BAGHDAD: Iraqi forces faced tough resistance from the militant Islamic State (IS) group on Tuesday as they attempted to enter the centre of Fallujah, where there were mounting fears for thousands of trapped civilians.
A day after announcing a push into the militant stronghold, forces led by Iraq’s elite counter-terrorism service had some way to go before retaking the city.
After thrusting towards Fallujah from three directions on Monday, their biggest advance was from the south, where they pushed into the suburb of Naimiyah.
Lieutenant General Abdelwahab al-Saadi, the overall commander of the Fallujah operation, said IS fighters mounted a fierce counter-attack on the area early on Tuesday.
“There were around 100 fighters involved, they came at us heavily armed but did not use car bombs or suicide bombers,” he said. Saadi said Iraqi forces in the area, which also include police and army units, were eventually able to repel the attack, killing 75 militants. He did not give a figure for losses on the pro-government side.
Officers said US-led coalition and Iraqi air support was instrumental in repelling the attack and added that ground forces had now resumed their advance.
Fallujah, which lies on the Euphrates River west of Baghdad, was lost from government control months before IS swept across large parts of Iraq in June 2014 and is an emblematic bastion for the militant group.
Iraqi forces have been sealing off Fallujah for months and those still in city — IS fighters and civilians alike — have nowhere to go.
Anbar capital Ramadi was almost levelled when Iraqi forces retook it a few months ago but many more civilians — most estimates say around 50,000 — are trapped inside Fallujah.

Hamas executes three in Gaza, drawing UN condemnation

Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:02 PM
GAZA CITY: Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip executed three Palestinian men for murder on Tuesday, the attorney general said, drawing condemnation from the United Nations.
The three, who were not named and whose cases were unrelated, were put to death by firing squad behind closed doors, security sources said.
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) said, however, that two of them were hanged and the third was shot.
“To achieve public deterrence and curb crime, the competent authorities carried out at dawn on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 execution rulings against three of those convicted of shocking murders,” a statement from the attorney general said.
Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, condemned the executions which he said occurred “despite serious and widespread concerns that international fair trial standards were not respected”.

The European Union, Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International all also condemned the killings.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:15 PM
When it comes to choose an antivirus software for our PC protection, we get confused on what to select. Some antivirus cost too high and some other are cheap but they don't provide reliable protection against viruses, spyware and trojans.

While selecting an antivirus, you must look for:
  • The protection capability of the software
  • Its load on computer
  • Its price
  • and the reputation of the software in the market
I put the reputation of the software at the end because it depends on your system which antivirus software is best for it. Review sites rank BitDefender as the best antivirus software and some other rank other software. I personally tried all antivirus software on my PC (with Windows 7) and at last found AVG Antivirus 2013 as the perfect solution for my data.

AVG Antivirus 2013 comes with a lot of features which include the real time online protection of your system without slowing down your Internet connection, real time background scan and a lot other. I would like to recommend AVG Antivirus 2013 for your system.

If you can afford to buy the software, please buy it from the manufacturer's site. Otherwise download use below provided license keys to activate the product if you don't have enough money to purchase the product. These keys will let you activate the product till 2018 and you will be able to update the product online also.

Here are the product keys for the best antivirus of the year 2013.

Barriers of foreign trade

Posted By: aftab hussain - 9:14 PM
To protect the home industries government or regulatory bodies of the countries has impose trade barriers, to provide competitive edge for the home industries. Such type of barriers can decrease the competition for home industries and support to boost the national  industries. In order to shelter the home industries foreign trade has been obstructed in various forms they in brief are
·         Prohibition of import or exports
·         Custom duties
·         Quatas
·         Exchange control
·         Preferential treatment
·         Import monopolies
·         Import levies
Prohibition of import or exports
The government of the country  has set the law to prohibit the import or exports of certain commudities such type of laws are impose to boost the home industries. These laws promote the growth of certain industries in the country.
Custom duties
Tariffs are considered to be the oldest form of protection, they are imposed on the import and export of commidities.when tarrifs are imposed on the imports of commidities. It will encourage the domestic consumers and raise the domestic prices of the goods. When tariffs are impose on the exports it will discourage the exports and make sure to provide the commudities to domsetic producers tariffs and custom duties may be specific or ad valaram. When a tarrif is based on weight, quantity or other physical characteristics of imported goods, they are called specific. The duty is called ad valoram, when it is based on the value of the goods.
Exchange control
Exchange control complies the government  regulations relating to buying and selling of foreign exchange. In exchange control the exporters are surrender under the central bank of the country in exchange of domestic currency at the rate fixed by the governmnet. Exchange control may be resorted for correcting an adverse balance of payment.
To reduce imports government may restrict the total imports of a given commudities to a specific amount limit of a commudities. Which can be imported from each producing country. This devise of restiction imports is applied as an alternate to custom duties.
Preferential treatment
The government of a country may give preferential treatment intherate of taxes to some of the countries preferential tratement results in the formation of trade restriction. The countries of the world not impose preferential treatment , impose high tariffs in relation to the goods of the discrimination countries.
Import monopolies
Government of the country took the resposibility ofimporting all thecommodities. Insuch cases government of the country have sole monopoly over the commodities.
Import licences
Another barrier which restrict the import of goods from abroad the import licencing,the government of the country issues license to the importers for the import of foreign commudities, the trade is very much brought under control,this method is adopted for  curtailing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sharista Baig( First female GD pilot from Gilgit Baltistan)

Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:38 PM
Miss Sharista Baig, daughter of Col.Mahmud Baig is the first GD fighter pilot from Gilgit Baltistan. She belongs to Karimabad Hunza.

Funtion Of Accounting In Business

Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:20 PM
most organizations or business firms has their own accounting system to prepare financial statement, income statement, reports to financial analysts, bills of customers and other type of accounting information. An acounting system consist of entities, personal, devices, and network of softwars. Which are used to make the accounting records and developing accounting information and communicating this accounting information to decision makers. Accounting system often make used in the form of computer, other electronic devices and hand written form, business organizations has their own accounting system and includes all of these components.
There are specific  acounting system to record the economic activities of the organizations, the recorded data are classified and subtotal the activities within the system,  at the end the economic data are summerized in the reports to provide the information about the over all economic activities to make decisions about  business. Economic  reports are helpful  for decision makers, investors, managers, board of directors and government agencies.
In economic record the acountant focus upon completed transactions and event occurs to cause an immediate change in the financial resources or obligations of the business secondly mesured objectively in monetory terms eg a transaction is when buying and selling of goods  occurs and receiving cash and making cash payments. The recording of transactions in an accounting system may be performed in many ways, writing with pencil or pen, using cash register or through use software.
The strength  in transactions approach lies in the relibility of the information that are recorded. Recorded information is based upon past events. For which the financial effects upon the business can be measured with a reasonable degree of objectivity.acoountant focuse on the lessens of the usefulness of the accounting reports. in transaction some important events  are not recoded in the accounting record because they do not meet the definition of the transaction. E.g the technological break down, the introduction of a new product by a competitor are not transactions.the preceding event are important nonfinancial information,these events are disclosed by the persons outside of the business organization through press conferences.notes to the financial statements or the news media.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT 2016-III)

Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:57 PM
NTS Has Announced the Result of Graduate Assessment Test (GAT 2016-III) GAT Subject

Test Date: Sunday, 15th May 2016

Result of Government of The Punjab, School Education Department (Recruitment Test)

Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:53 PM
NTS Has announced the result of Government of The Punjab, School Education Department
(Recruitment Test)
Test Held on :Friday, 18th March 2016Saturday, 19th March 2016Sunday, 20th March 2016Friday, 25th March 2016Saturday, 26th March 2016Sunday, 27th March 2016


Posted By: aftab hussain - 9:39 PM
WordPress is the most powerful CMS of the world and it flourishes well if it is hosted on a good host. If you are searching for a fast WordPress host, then you will find one in this post. Before providing you the list ofrobust WordPress hosts, I'll discuss why a good host is important for your blog.

Hosting and SERP Ranking

Everyone dreams for driving high traffic to their blogs and driving blog traffic isn't easy. When you work a lot on optimizing your blog for search engines, it gets good positions in SERPs. So earning SERP rankings isn't easy.

But if you choose a bad host for your blog, then it may kill its ranking. At bad hosts, blogs load slowly and the slower load results in increased bounce rate and ranking drop. Additionally, on a bad host, your blog is exposed to high risks of getting hacked.

So you need a fast and robust host for your blog. Here is a list of top hosts which are brilliant and perform well in providing quality hosting for WordPress.
  • RSHosting
  • WebHost.Uk.Net
So these are five brilliant hosts which have proven results in providing quality hosting for WordPress blogs and other websites. So if you are going to start your blog or want to transfer it to any other host, then your choice must be among these. These fast hosts will flourish your blog greatly.

Promotion and Presentation on Brand Loyalty

Posted By: aftab hussain - 9:35 PM

Promotion and Presentation:

            Promotion is an important component of the marketing mix. Promotional approaches include advertising, direct marketing, sales promotions, public relations and publicity, personal selling, and sponsorship. The design of appropriate communication strategies involves a number of considerations. First decisions need to be made about what is to be achieved. This includes consideration of the target audience, communication objectives and the marketing message. Next, factors associated with the “how” need attention. This involves the selection of communication channels, budget setting and the design of the promotional mix. Finally, it is necessary to measure the outcome of promotional endeavors in order to establish whether the investment in promotion has been worthwhile  (Rowley, 1998).
Promotion is all about marketing mix, which is type of communication with consumer. Promotion may include conducting advertising, sales promotion, publicity and personal selling. Advertising is non-personal presentation of information in mass media about a product, brand company or store. It greatly influences the consumer’s perception, beliefs, attitudes, toward product and brand and that may in turn change the consumer buying behavior (Lovelock, 2010).
According to Clow (2010), promotion is an important element of marketing strategy. It is used as communicate with customers with respect to product offering, and it is an effective tool to encourage customers to purchase of product and services.
Promotion is used by organizations to communicate with customers with respect to their product offerings. In this sense, promotion is one side of the communication process with customers. Market research, in which suppliers seek to elicit information on consumer requirements from consumers, is the complementary component of the communication process. In some forms of promotion and service delivery, communication in both directions can be achieved simultaneously, and since two-way communication is the only real form of communication, promotion which is associated with two-way communication is to be encouraged. Examples of such two-way promotion emerge largely from the contexts of services marketing and relationship marketing. In services marketing, for example, promotion can be part of the service delivery.
Exchanges between the service agent and the customer can elicit information about customer requirements, and also permit the service agent to explain the organization’s products and how these might meet the customer’s needs. Similar kinds of exchanges can occur in the relationship marketing interest in business-to-business marketing transactions where the sales person is a significant agent in the establishment of relationships between customer and the organization. A more formularized approach, the use of loyalty and reward cards, in, say, supermarkets, offers another approach which embeds both promotional and market research activities. An appropriate promotional mix must be created in order to meet the promotional objectives of any given promotion strategy. The promotional mix is the combination of different promotional channels that is used to communicate a promotional message. This will involve an appropriate selection from the range of tools that are available for use as part of the promotional mix. The tools in the promotional mix include:

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Six dead, 500,000 flee as Cyclone Roanu hits Bangladesh

Posted By: aftab hussain - 4:40 AM

Cyclone Roanu struck the Bangladesh coast on Saturday killing six people and forcing hundreds of thousands more to flee their homes as the storm unleashed strong winds and heavy downpours.

Authorities took more than 500,000 people into shelters as the cyclone made landfall just after noon local time, packing winds as strong as 88 kilometres per hour.“It has struck the southern coastal areas of Barisal and Chittagong with a wind speed of 62-88 kilometres per hour,” Omar Faruq, a government meterological department official told AFP.

Factors of Brand Loyalty

Posted By: aftab hussain - 4:36 AM
Research has indicated that brand attributes are recognized as important factors that greatly influence the consumers purchasing decision making. For example, there are seven factors that affect consumer brand loyalty toward any brand. These seven factors are brand name, product quality, design, price, promotion, Store environment and service quality.
Brand Name:
Prominent brand names disseminate the information about product features, benefits than non famous brand names (Keller, 2003). There are numerous brand names available to consumers in the market. But consumers just trust major famous brands. Theses well known brand names designs may attract consumer to purchase and inclined people for purchase again in future and price related switching behavior.
Product Quality:
Product quality encompasses the features and characteristics of product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated implied need. In another way product quality can be defined as “fitness for use” or conformance to requirements. Consumer may repeat purchasing of same brand or may switch around several brands due to physically change of a product, or due to change in price. Material is important in product quality because it affects the hand feel, touch and other performance aspects of the product. If color does not appeal to them for purchasing then consumer may reject the product.
price is most important to the average consumers or in other words price is most important consideration for those who received low income. Consumer with high brand loyalty are not affected by high price, they pay for their loyal product at any cost. Customers can compare product with its competitor on the basis of price . Consumer satisfaction can also be built by comprising price with perceived cost and values. If the perceived value is greater than cost the customer may keep on purchasing same product or services. Loyal customer bear higher price because they prefer to pay more price as compared to bear by purchasing new product. Furthermore, price becomes focal point to customers to making judgment about any product and assessment of retailers.
Design is visual appearance of any product. It may include symbols, lines that deliver certain meaning and affecting consumer brand perception. Brand that introduce stylish packages, applicable color, attract more loyal consumers who are fashion conscious. Fashion leaders or followers usually purchase or continue to purchase their product which is more fashionable. They got satisfaction by using latest brands and design which satisfies their ego.
Store Environment:
recommended that the store environment is the one of the most important element in retailmarketing success and store performance. Applicable attributes of the store, which include store location, store layout, and in store stimuli, affect brand loyalty to some extent. Store location and number of outlets are crucial to altering consumer purchasing behavior. If consumer. If consumer realize that store is easily accessible during their trip to shopping and are satisfied with stores variety and services the consumer may become loyal afterwards. Therefore stores environment is another factor that might influence consumer decision making. The stimuli in the store refers to characteristics’ of sales people, store layouts, noises, smell, temperature, self space and displays, sign, color, and merchandise, affect consumers and serve as element of product attributes, which may in turn affect consumer decision and brand loyalty.
Promotion is all about marketing mix, which is type of communication with consumer. Promotion may include conducting advertising, sales promotion, publicity and personal selling. Advertising is non-personal presentation of information in mass media about a product, brand company or store. It greatly influences the consumer’s perception, beliefs, attitudes, toward product and brand and that may in turn change the consumer buying behavior. It shows that promotion, especially through advertising may helps to get information about product and distinguish the product and its features from other similar products. promotion is an important element of marketing strategy. It is used as communicate with customers with respect to product offering, and it is an effective tool to encourage customers to purchase of product and services. Term promotion is used in most organization in support of advertising and public relation activities, and they are targeted toward consumer as final customers.
Service Quality:
The common definition of service quality is that service should match to the expectation of the customers and satisfy their need. It is kind of personal selling and happened directly between sales people and potential buyers. Consumers prefer to make their purchasing on a specific shop because they are satisfy the services which are provided by that shopkeeper. Sales people can influence on the consumer behavior. Additionally personalization considerably influences consumer influence, experience, and evaluation of services, and in turn, affects the brand loyalty. argues that the service quality perceived by consumers had three dimensions: functional dimension, technical dimension, and image.
Since, the present study just focuses on taste, promotion and presentation, therefore the researcher will thoroughly investigate the taste, promotion and presentation and their impact on brand loyalty as authorized by.


Posted By: aftab hussain - 4:33 AM
Yesterday, I came across an article at Search Engine Land where a few words from Google’s John Mueller made me shocked. “It is best you nofollow links in stories you write”. Here, Mueller meant guest posts by STORIES. So what does it mean? Is Google preparing any scary update against guest blogging? This is the hot discussion which is circulating among blogosphere now a day.

According to Google, when you write guest posts and build links to your blog or website, it is an unethical attempt, because you recommend your content by your own to Google for ranking it. Google aims to rank content based on quality and this metric is calculated by inbound links to the concerned content. It is commonsense that when your content delivers value, people surely link to it and this is what Google considers for generating SERP results. 

In Google’s eyes, guest blogging is as unethical as spamming. When someone spams a source, the purpose of this attempt is to build backlinks. You build similar backlinks through guest posting also. There is nothing different in front of Google. So we can say that guest bloggers are SPAMMERS in eyes of Google J. 

Guest blogging may doesn’t leave any difference between guest bloggers and spammers in front of Google, but for guest bloggers, there is a very gigantic gap. When you will compare two posts of a guest blogger, one on the blog where he has posted the guest article and the second on his own blog, you will feel a big difference in quality. You will find the guest post much better than posts on the guest blogger’s own blog. It is so because when someone writes a guest post, he crafts it by heart by the fear that his post might be rejected by the owner. So spammers and guest bloggers can’t be same at any cost as spammers build links in seconds and guest bloggers spend hours in crafting quality posts. 

When I started my blog last year, I included guest blogging in my SEO strategies, but later, I failed to do it due to lack of time. Still I’m lucky that people are linking my content and I don’t need to do much in SEO sector. But today, when I visited David’s blog here, I decided to share what I read, by assuming that you might won’t know Google’s ideas about guest blogging till now. 

As Google has said to nofollow the links in guest posts, so I am going to follow their suggestion in my first (and might be last) guest post.

So what do you think about future of guest blogging? Will Google develop any algorithm to recognize and penalize links contained in guest posts? Will you continue to post on blogs or will stop it? Don’t forget to share your ideas in comments. I’ll love to initiate a discussion with you on this topic. Just leave your comment below!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Trump a 'threat' to US democracy, not qualified for presidency: Hillary Clinton

Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:18 PM
WASHINGTON: Hillary Clinton on Thursday blasted her likely general election rival Donald Trump as a “threat” to US democracy and declared him unqualified to be commander in chief.
“The threat that Donald Trump poses is so dramatic to our country, to our democracy and our economy,” the former secretary of state told CNN in a live interview.
Asked directly whether she believes the celebrity billionaire and presumptive Republican nominee is qualified to be president, she said: “No, I do not.”
Clinton pointed to Trump's recent comments on being willing to meet with North Korea's leader, whom she labeled a “despotic dictator,” suggesting the United States pull out of Nato, or allowing certain allies to have nuclear weapons.
Such positions are “dangerous,” she said, adding that the volume of Trump's provocative and alarming statements since he launched his presidential campaign, including his call for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States, suggest he is not making impromptu remarks.

“I think if you go through many of his irresponsible, reckless, dangerous comments, it's not just somebody saying something off the cuff,” Clinton said.

BISE Karachi Board Results 2016

Posted By: aftab hussain - 10:13 PM
View Karachi Board result 2016 from all educational boards.

Karachi Board consists of BSEK and BIEK. 

Karachi Secondary Board aims to provide enlightened education and examination services to the nation. BSEK is striving hard to take measures/steps to improve the quality of education in the city. Karachi Board arranges workshops and seminars for teachers for proper paper setting techniques. BSE Karachi arranges workshops and seminars for teachers to improve quality of assessment of scripts. Karachi Board result shows the high standard of education in the city. BSEK Results for matriculation classes are announced in March every year. 

The Intermediate Board Karachi was established as separate entity in 1974 through the "Sindh Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education amendment act No. 20 of 1973. BIEK has the power to organize, regulate, develop and control Intermediate Education. The controlling Authority of the BIE Karachi is the Governor of Sindh or his nominee. The Chairman is the principal executive and academic officer of the Board, while the Secretary is the in charge of the academic and administrative Sector and the Controller of Examinations. In the year, 1974, Karachi Intermediate Board had only 17 officers and 113 officials, now it has 51 officers and 246 officials. Karachi Board constituted many Statutory and non-Statutory committees to perform various functions. Biek results are prepared transparently and announced in March/April every year. 

DreamWeaver CS6 Free Download With Serial Number and Crack

Posted By: aftab hussain - 9:17 PM
DreamWeaver is a handy web editing tool from Adobe. You can build a site instantly using DreamWeaver. It doesn't require any web designing skills if you choose to use DreamWeaver for developing your blog. I have brought the free download of DreamWeaver CS6 with cracks for both 64 bit and 32 bit operating systems.
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