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Monday, April 16, 2018

Factors To Consider While Selecting Marketing Project Research Topics

Posted By: aftab hussain - 11:05 PM

The fundamental and essential part of a Research Report, Thesis Or Dissertation is the selection of the research topic. To choose an appropriate topic for your MBA Assignment Help, it requires a lot of energy, resources and time. For the great Help with topic selectioncome to our expert writers. Before final selection of the research topic, there are numerous factors which need to be taken into consideration. For instance, a research topic should never be too broad nor should be too narrow. Similarly, the topic should be researchable, clear, feasible and compelling. In order to have an idea of different types of research topics related to the field of marketing, a list is given below:
  •  The effects of pharmaceutical dispensing pattern on consumer store patronage
  •  Market entry strategy in an emerging market using country of origin information
  •  Effect of self-placement of habitual buying products on their sales
  •  Impact of brand awareness on consumer/brand loyalty: A study of packaged milk brands
  •  Determinants of consumer buying behavior through mega stores in (country name)
  •  Customer delight in banking
  •  To recognize service quality gaps in banking sector: A comparative study of local and international banks
  •  Effects of occupational status on women food buying and cooking behavior
  •  The effect of brand image on consumer taste preference
  •  Effects of gender on family buying decision
  •  The effect of recession advertising
  •  Factors affecting positive and negative word of mouth in restaurant industry
  •  Factors that influence level of impulse buying
  •  Consumer response to unethical retailer behavior
  •  Effects of product and consumer characteristics on free sample usage
  •  The effect of recession on promotional activities
  •  Attitude of people in different roles towards direct marketing
  •  Relationship between customers internal usage practices usage practices and awareness to internal advertising
  •  Effect of deceptive advertising on consumer loyalty in telecom sector
  •  The effects of product, market and organizational characteristics of market research practices
  •  A comparative study of sellers and buyers in market acceptability of licensed software
  •  Factor affecting educationists/scientist response to patent registration
  •  The effects of advertising research practice on the advertising performance of companies
  •  Relationship between marketing research, customer knowledge and business sales
  •  Impact of performance commitment on customer’s evaluation of product quality
  •  Shelf spacing competition: A relative analysis of local and international brand
  •  Factors behind brand switching in the telecom industry
  •  Factors influencing customer satisfaction in health care services
  •  The impact of brand extension on brand personality
  •  A four dimension approach to attitude measurement
  •  A consumer decision-making model in the automobile industry of (country name)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Oppo Mobile phones

Posted By: aftab hussain - 12:44 AM


Showing 73 products of OPPO in Pakistan, by Last Updated on Monday, March 26 2018. Oppo Mobile Prices in Pakistan – Chinese technology at its best! Unleash Oppo Mobiles, world’s fourth largest smart phone brand. It has made a prominent mark in the smart phone industry with amazing camera phones. .. Read more
OPPO F1 Plus Price in Pakistan
RS. 39999
OPPO F3 Plus Price in Pakistan
RS. 39899
OPPO F5 Limited Edition Price in Pakistan
RS. 34899
OPPO F5 Price in Pakistan
RS. 31899
OPPO F3 Price in Pakistan
RS. 29899
OPPO F3 Black Edition Price in Pakistan
RS. 29899
OPPO F3 Deepika Edition Price in Pakistan
RS. 29899
OPPO A53 Price in Pakistan
RS. 29080
OPPO F5 Youth Price in Pakistan
RS. 27899
OPPO F1s Price in Pakistan
RS. 25899
OPPO A83 Price in Pakistan
RS. 25600
OPPO F1 Price in Pakistan
RS. 23999
OPPO A57 Price in Pakistan
RS. 22899
OPPO A71 Price in Pakistan
RS. 19899
OPPO A37 Price in Pakistan
RS. 16899
OPPO Mirror 5 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO R7 lite Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO N1 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO Find 7a Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO Find 7 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO Find 5 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO N1 mini Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO R3 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO R1S Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO Neo Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO R819 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO U705T Ulike 2 Price in Pakistan
U705T ULIKE 2 
Price Not Available
OPPO R601 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO R821T FInd Muse Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
OPPO R811 Real Price in Pakistan
R811 REAL 
Price Not Available

Oppo Mobile Prices in Pakistan – Chinese technology at its best! Unleash Oppo Mobiles, world’s fourth largest smart phone brand. It has made a prominent mark in the smart phone industry with amazing camera phones. The presence of Oppo Mobiles is worldwide covering 20 countries and enhancing the customer base to a great extent. Revolution is the mantra of Oppo Mobile Phones and they aim to give you well crafted specialized gadgets. Oppo Mobiles offers some of the amazing smart phones integrated with all the necessary technology options. Large screen HD displays high resolution multipurpose cameras, RAM and internal memory specs that enable you to store large GBs of data and lot more. The camera phones of Oppo received much appreciation in Pakistan and worldwide. The brand is able to make a strong mark with the launch of Oppo F1s camera phone. 

Oppo Mobile Phones are enriched with amazing features and specs that glitters your eyes. The most astonishing thing about Oppo Mobile Phones is the high quality audio and video features, faster internet options with 3G, 4G, and WLAN. Broader displays of Oppo smartphones enables you to work, and play with ease. Entertainment is guaranteed if you have Oppo Mobile Phone in hand. Battery power is also incredible in almost all Oppo devices. You can download apps and perform various other functions with ease. Oppo Mobiles gives you customer satisfaction in terms of apps, features, and space that matches your requirements. 

Some of the latest Oppo Mobiles in Pakistan launched in 2018 include Oppo F1, Oppo F1s, Oppo Neo 5 (2018), Oppo F1 WT20 Limited Edition, Oppo R9, Oppo A30, Oppo F1 Plus, Oppo A33c, Oppo R9 Plus, Oppo R7s, Oppo A35, and Oppo Find 9. All of these Oppo Mobile phones are technologically upgraded possess essential specs and features and comes in market competitive price tag. You can find all the old and new Oppo Mobiles in Pakistan along with their product description, and relevant prices. Price is what most of the customers are concerned about. Oppo Mobile Phone price in Pakistan is market based and not whooping high. Oppo Mobile Prices in Pakistan is based on their features and specification offered. It can be high, or low but yet highly market competitive. Get the information about your favorite Oppo Phone online from this page.
Oppo Mobiles – Technology integrated flagship camera phone market is dominated by the 4th largest smart phone brand, OPPO Mobiles. This strong Chinese brand is reaching greater heights since the past 10 years by manufacturing some amazing smart phones and camera phones. OPPO Mobiles has the potential to attract millions of users worldwide due to its mobile photography technology.

OPPO Mobiles started functioning in 2008 with simple mobile phones. Along with smart phones, Oppo is also into the business of portable media players, LCD-TVs, and DVD/Blu-ray players and MP3 players. Talking about OPPO Mobiles, in the year 2011 the brand launched “Find Me” that gained immense appreciation from masses. Later in 2013, OPPO Mobiles launched Find 5, N1, and Color OS. In 2014, the brand progressed well and came up with Oppo N3 and Oppo R5 and the journey continues. In November 2016, OPPO Mobile phones launched A57, highly regarded for its outstanding features and specs.

OPPO Mobiles in the recent era has focused its energies on manufacturing camera phones, taking mobile photography technology to greater heights. OPPO started the era of selfie camera beautification, and was the first brand to enhance the front cameras in smartphones from 5MP and as high as 16MP. OPPO Mobiles take the pride in introducing the motorized rotating camera, the Ultra HD feature and the 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology. OPPO's Selfie Expert F series launched in 2016 became a revolution that drove a selfie trend in the smart phone industry. Some of the popular ones that created lot of buzz are OPPO F1, OPPO F1s, OPPO F3 Plus, OPPO F3 to name a few.

Oppo Mobiles has a decent target audience in the smart phone market of Pakistan. The brand has given tough competition to local and international brands like QMobile, Voice Mobile, Samsung, and HTC. Oppo mobile phone contains unique look and features that can give tough competition to other famed international mobile phone brands. The best thing about Oppo Mobiles is the presence of swivel cameras for eccentric selfies. Color OS is new app introduced by Oppo Mobiles which makes your phone faster than ever, offers 40% longer battery life, and protect from viruses. Oppo mobile phones Pakistan has gained immense appreciation for its tech savvy devices targeting the right segments.


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