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Oils And Fats

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Despite the efforts of the Pakistan Oil seed Development Board (PODB), the production of local oil seeds is showing a reliable decline. This declining trend is mainly attributed to low main concern given to oil seed crops. Also, gas shortages and load shedding puts wonderful strain on oils and fat production process. Wheat, rice, maize, sugar and cotton are the major crops of Pakistan, which consistently occupy approximately more than 60% of all fertile land. This cropping pattern for the last three decades has led to increased import of edible oils for meeting domestic demands.

The study of culture generally requires a detailed examination of the character of the total society, including such factors as language, knowledge, laws, religion, food, customs, music, art, technology, work patterns, product and other objects that give a society its unique flavor.  Much research on cross-cultural consumerbehavior has used the Hofstede dimensional model of national culture. Although the country scores originally were produced in the early 1970s, many replications of Hofstede’s study on different samples have proved that the country ranking in his data is still valid. In the second edition of his book Culture’s Consequences (2001), Hofstede shows more than 400 significant correlations between his index scores and data from other sources that validate them. Many data on product ownership and related behavior come into view to correlate with Hofstede’s dimensions. Sometimes a configuration of two dimensions explains differences in product usage or other consumption-related phenomena even better.

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