Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Consumer Behavior Toward Buying

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Consumer is a person who desires needs and requires marketing components in their capacity as buyer. Conventionally marketers are defined to have the ability to control the behavior of customers, but actually they have neither power nor information for that. Marketers may be influence their buying behavior but not control .
Consumer behavior is study of individual groups or organization and the processes they use to select, save and dispose of product, service, idea or experience to satisfy needs and the influence that these processes on the consumer and society. It includes and made up of elements from psychology, sociology, Social anthropology and economics. It endeavors to understand the buyer decision making process both individual and in groups consumer behavior study is based on consumer buying behaviorwith the consumer planning the three separate roles of user payers and buyers.

Consumer Behavior focuses on how customer decides what to buy, when to buy, why to buy, where to buy and how often to buy, how regularly they use, how they evaluate after purchasing and impact of these evaluations on future purchases. There are different factors such as social and economic which influence the consumer buying behavior but culture is the “fundamental determinant” of consumer behavior.

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