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"In The Name Of Jihat" A Story Of Khalid Mehmood

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In the name of jihad hundred and thousands of people were died to gain the cause of others, in this story I will tell you the story of Khalid Mehmood belongs to Pakistan brought up in his village. He used to sowing and watering to his crops along with his father, at the age of 12 he went to Lahore and started working in a factory, he was very inspired by films and he want to see in films.
After 9/11 there was hard emotions against Americans and rallies are organized in the support of Taliban and Osama, everyone chanting anti American slogan, everyone who had religious mind in Sunni sect want to shed their lives to defend Osama and Taliban,   There were announcements saying: "We need people to go to Afghanistan to fight the Americans!"
Khalid volunteered on the spot. "I thought, 'I can go to see another country'," he said. In no time at all he'd been driven to Kandahar, the Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan.
An Afghan cleric taught him how to pray - there was no instruction in violent jihad. But still, life was difficult, Khalid said. "They were all Pashtuns and I could not understand their language. I was in another world," he told me. "There were bullets flying around. I wanted to go back home."
But he hardly knew where he was, so there was no chance of his returning to Pakistan on his own.
 After 15 days he was moved up to northern Afghanistan where the Taliban were fighting and where he attended to wounded fighters. But the Taliban were soon in retreat and Khalid and some others from Pakistan were told they could go back home. They started out in buses but, after being relieved of their vehicles at a checkpoint, had to continue on foot.
After a few hours walking they were picked up by one of Afghanistan's most notorious warlords who told the Pakistanis to get in a container that would take them back to their country. Those who refused to get in were shot. Crammed in, the men began to panic and fight. Khalid fainted - and it probably saved his life.
He later learned that while he was unconscious the warlord's men walked around the outside of the container firing bullets into it. Khalid was one of only 15 or 16 to get out alive.

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