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Types Of Promotional Tools

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    Free sample:

Free sample are give to customers to try a new product and create new customers. It is a process in which real or followed size product is send to customers to attract more customer towards the product. Free sample is a significant relationship with product testing behavior of customer . The purpose of offer free sample is that the customers check the product and they make intention to purchase it in near future. Free sample is the promotional tool product and services given as a free to a customer for the purpose of development of the company brand. It is the changeable form like coupons, discounting, purchasing along gifts and rebates. Some promotions are related to the monetary and some promotions are related to the non monetary. Non monetary promotion is often used as a free sample like product offered to customer as a gift or free installing of discounting. Non monetary or non price promotion like free sample give small gains and support the quality awareness of the product as compared discounting .It is the opportunity for to try and utilized the product. It is the process of presenting few products to the consumer free of cost, so they can check the consumer behavior and purchase the product near the feature.Free sample is through the different sources like online, mail and by hand. So that they can use their product. Free sample are trial amount of a certain product distributed to customers through so many different ways like handing them in fornt of office building, send them by mail or attach them sample to another different product According to Kardes (1999), marketing manager aware of a product on the base of previous experience of consumer toward product. Thus sending product take place in promotional tools. Free sample refers to before purchasing a product the seller give free gifts or as a sample to check the features of a product and the sellers also took feedback from the consumers and they also try to create interest inbuying behavior of a consumer. In others words the marketers give a chance to consumer to try and use the product. Shimp (2003) observe that a free sample have a great impact on consumer buying behavior while Gilbert and Jackaria (2002) said in other words’’ free sample was positively related to immediate sales of that particular” this is true because the seller give  product as a free sample to create positive feels about the product in the mind of consumer, they make an image in the mind of customer so intention to near future purchases.    
 Price discount:
Discount is the deduction from the total price of product. It is a famous tool for offering a good reduction in price, which is mentioned on product or point where product available. It is independent variable which has impact on buying behavior. Discount is used as stimuli which affect consumer buying behavior. Teng (2009) shows the effect of price discount, he explained that consumer attitude and purchase intention may be change by price discount. Some product are available in market on price discount base, the main purpose of this price discount is to attract more customer toward their business and increase their market shares and they also check what is impact of this tool on buying behavior of consumer. It is the price which a customer has in his mind of any product, against in which compared the price of current product. It is the reduction of price for specific time period which offered to customer. It is a famous tool for offering a good reduction in buying price, which is mention on the product or on the point of purchase display (Fill, 2002).A person toward an offered price that is especially at low consumer buying behavior are influenced by the promotional tools and customer attitude toward price discount.      

 Buy one Get one free:

Buy one get one free is one of the promotion method of sales promotion. In which the additional product is offered to the customers at normal price but in greater boost in package. Through this offer the customer can easily avail product without extra charges. Li, Sun and Wang (2007) recommended these techniques of promotion. According to them the manufacturers are in favorable technique because it should help the retailers to clear the stock more quickly as compare price promotion. It is easily for the customer to purchase because there is no required of any extra price (sinha, I. and smith, 2000) According to Li sun and Wong (2007) this technique of promotion would be very useful for manufacturer because it should help the retailers to clear the stock quickly as compared price promotion. There are promotions like one get one or two buy one free, and so on are often used to create unplanned purchase (inman etal, 2009).The marketers use this tool or the sellers fine buy one get one free scheme is an attractive sector to pull customer attraction toward buying their product in a short period of time and also make or ready market for future business. Simonson etal (2007) the customer who is not interested in purchases extra he is not award the BOGO promotion scheme. In Malaysia consumer mostly respond for the free sample have encouraged the customer trails product (Ndubisi and Moi, 2006).This techniques can be enable as sale of product that has been offered free gift with purchase same or another product reveled that advertising of BOGO method is a successful promotional techniques as the extra product is produced free of charges with purchase of original products. More consumer have intention to buy a product with a quality, they can buy at low price in this case not a high price. If the perceived valued of a product is higher than the cost of product it is observe that the consumer will purchase the product (Yee and sidek, 2008). Consumer purchase more time single brand or change different brands due to perceived high quality of product sellout. It is the method which provides a free product when the actual product is purchased. Consumer purchase satisfaction is fine a certain positive effective on market share or increase the customer and to moderated by factor such as price sensitivity and perceived value (magi, 2003). Marketers need to clealars that BOGO technique is which create satisfaction among the customer to make successful as a discounted sales promotion and to create interest for repeated purchase. This tool should be value added in term of price.

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