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Factors of Brand Loyalty

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Research has indicated that brand attributes are recognized as important factors that greatly influence the consumers purchasing decision making. For example, there are seven factors that affect consumer brand loyalty toward any brand. These seven factors are brand name, product quality, design, price, promotion, Store environment and service quality.
Brand Name:
Prominent brand names disseminate the information about product features, benefits than non famous brand names (Keller, 2003). There are numerous brand names available to consumers in the market. But consumers just trust major famous brands. Theses well known brand names designs may attract consumer to purchase and inclined people for purchase again in future and price related switching behavior.
Product Quality:
Product quality encompasses the features and characteristics of product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated implied need. In another way product quality can be defined as “fitness for use” or conformance to requirements. Consumer may repeat purchasing of same brand or may switch around several brands due to physically change of a product, or due to change in price. Material is important in product quality because it affects the hand feel, touch and other performance aspects of the product. If color does not appeal to them for purchasing then consumer may reject the product.
price is most important to the average consumers or in other words price is most important consideration for those who received low income. Consumer with high brand loyalty are not affected by high price, they pay for their loyal product at any cost. Customers can compare product with its competitor on the basis of price . Consumer satisfaction can also be built by comprising price with perceived cost and values. If the perceived value is greater than cost the customer may keep on purchasing same product or services. Loyal customer bear higher price because they prefer to pay more price as compared to bear by purchasing new product. Furthermore, price becomes focal point to customers to making judgment about any product and assessment of retailers.
Design is visual appearance of any product. It may include symbols, lines that deliver certain meaning and affecting consumer brand perception. Brand that introduce stylish packages, applicable color, attract more loyal consumers who are fashion conscious. Fashion leaders or followers usually purchase or continue to purchase their product which is more fashionable. They got satisfaction by using latest brands and design which satisfies their ego.
Store Environment:
recommended that the store environment is the one of the most important element in retailmarketing success and store performance. Applicable attributes of the store, which include store location, store layout, and in store stimuli, affect brand loyalty to some extent. Store location and number of outlets are crucial to altering consumer purchasing behavior. If consumer. If consumer realize that store is easily accessible during their trip to shopping and are satisfied with stores variety and services the consumer may become loyal afterwards. Therefore stores environment is another factor that might influence consumer decision making. The stimuli in the store refers to characteristics’ of sales people, store layouts, noises, smell, temperature, self space and displays, sign, color, and merchandise, affect consumers and serve as element of product attributes, which may in turn affect consumer decision and brand loyalty.
Promotion is all about marketing mix, which is type of communication with consumer. Promotion may include conducting advertising, sales promotion, publicity and personal selling. Advertising is non-personal presentation of information in mass media about a product, brand company or store. It greatly influences the consumer’s perception, beliefs, attitudes, toward product and brand and that may in turn change the consumer buying behavior. It shows that promotion, especially through advertising may helps to get information about product and distinguish the product and its features from other similar products. promotion is an important element of marketing strategy. It is used as communicate with customers with respect to product offering, and it is an effective tool to encourage customers to purchase of product and services. Term promotion is used in most organization in support of advertising and public relation activities, and they are targeted toward consumer as final customers.
Service Quality:
The common definition of service quality is that service should match to the expectation of the customers and satisfy their need. It is kind of personal selling and happened directly between sales people and potential buyers. Consumers prefer to make their purchasing on a specific shop because they are satisfy the services which are provided by that shopkeeper. Sales people can influence on the consumer behavior. Additionally personalization considerably influences consumer influence, experience, and evaluation of services, and in turn, affects the brand loyalty. argues that the service quality perceived by consumers had three dimensions: functional dimension, technical dimension, and image.
Since, the present study just focuses on taste, promotion and presentation, therefore the researcher will thoroughly investigate the taste, promotion and presentation and their impact on brand loyalty as authorized by.

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