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How Can a Company increase Customer Brand Loyalty

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Successful brands are one of the most considerable ways to achieve competitive advantage for a company. Moreover, one of the major components of company is to hold on to its current customers and make them loyal toward the brand. To comprehend the relationship between brand antecedents and brand loyalty is one of the major challenges for twenty first century brand manager. Instead of purchasing one brand consumer have option to choose one brand among numerous brands within a product category. However present study investigates that the impact of taste, promotion and presentation on brand loyalty, although the promotion is one of the major factor among seven factors, however taste and presentation is micro level factors.
 The research reveals that product quality plays a major role to convert consumer from random customer to brand loyalcustomer. Additionally brand loyalty varies from country to country. It is because those countries which are developed and having high per capita income are more brand conscious as compared to those who are living in developing countries and having a low income. It is because they purchase goods and on the basis of need. But, however some people making their purchasing because of brand loyalty. Present study took dairy products of different companies which are considered as fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs). Since, as mentioned above there are numerous factors that inclined consumer to become loyal toward particular brand. It is too difficult to investigate all those factors, therefore, researcher took two independent and one dependent variables named as taste, promotion and presentation, and their impact on the loyalty of the brand.
brand loyalty concept occur in 1940s and it was initially considered as one dimensional. But latter on two brand dimensions were developed: behavioral loyalty and attitudinal loyalty. Present study focuses behavioral loyalty. Both will be briefly explained in literature review of the study.

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