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Marketing is the process of identifying, understanding and meeting the needs of human and society. Marketer targeted the customers and segmented the market to understand the behaviour of customers and advertising product value to a customer. Marketing create link between the society’s material requirement and it economic pattern of responses.
One of the shortest definitions of marketing is '' understanding and meeting the needs of profitability'' customer did not able to locate some of the items they desire most. Marketers survey various areas to identify the desired one, through surveys and questionnaires marketers come to know about the customers’ needs.
                     The American association offers the following formal definition of marketing ''marketing is an organizational function and a set of process for creating, communicating and delivering value to customer and for managing customer’s relationships in ways that benefits the organization and its stakeholders''.
   marketers get the response of the parties to know about the feelings of customers, what they want, what are their feelings about the products, what changes they expected, what color and taste they prefer the most, marketers consider about all these thing and according to the wish of customer marketerdesign the portfolio launch the product or services on trial basis and check the results, if they get success then they launch the product or services on national or international market.
    As we know that the first priority of marketing is to deliver higher standard of living, these can only happen when they interact individually or groups to obtain or find what the customer need and wants, through creating, offering and freely exchanging product, services and ideas with each and value each customers.
    Managers sometime think that marketing is the art selling products, but many people surprised when they hear that selling is not the most important part of marketing. Selling is the tip of marketing. But the aim of marketing is to make the selling superfluous, the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer well that the product or services fit him and sells itself.

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