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The Impact Of Culture On Consumer Buying Behavior

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 Consumers are the kings of markets. Without consumers no business organization can run. All the activities of the business concerns end with consumers and consumer satisfaction. An individual's behavior is a result of that individual's cultural value system for a particular situation. Individuals' cultural value systems are developed over time as they are socialized into a particular group. Societal culture as well as regional subculture and familial values all influence the formation of an individual's cultural value system. Thus, the cultural value system includes cultural elements that individuals have in common with the group to which they belong, as well as personal values single to the individual From a business and marketing point of view, religious culture manipulated almost everything from the foods we eat and the way we prepare them to the size of our families; the styles we adopt and clothes we wear; our social and fun activities; our personal prepare, hair styles and body beautification; and even our motivation to adopt new products. This research  give significant support for researchers to screening religion as an important create in the study of impact of culture on consumer behavior.  Religion was found to influence the way in which people make decisions on shopping The differences in sociologist and social psychologist view made this area of study unclear but still all of them at the same agreement that societal aspects and individual aspects of consumer are important to understand for marketers, however all individual factors of consumer are also influenced by societal and cultural aspects/factors. This gives more importance to social and cultural factors. As with the increase of global market, the marketing and sales supervisor faces a difference of opinion of accepting the different culture feature which influence the consumer buying sample particularly the appearance is even more difficult when those firms operate in a better cover of different culture in different part of the world. The managers in order to make stronger the fairness of the product should focus the main feature of the culture which has strong impact on the consumer buyingbehaviors. The consumer buying behavior is very much influenced by the social factors which also include the groups and social status to which the consumer belongs. In these groups to which the consumer belongs, many individuals relate and influence the buying decision. The main groups in the social factors are the opinion leader, consumer’s family and reference groups. The consumer’s family is the most important group in social factor to which the consumer belongs.

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