Saturday, October 8, 2016

10 best websites for entrepreneurs

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  1. CrunchBase – The world’s most comprehensive dataset of startup activity.
  2. Entrepreneur – Huge collection of resources on starting and running your own business.
  3. Startup Nation – Resources for small business owners.
  4. Quora – Ask a question or answer one. A lot of people in different industries use the site on a daily basis. Even CEOs or actors.
  5. Under 30 CEO – A blog for every young entrepreneur.
  6. TechCrunch – The latest tech news and informations about new startups.
  7. /r/Entrepreneur – With more than 100,000 subscribers this is a perfect place to read stories by other users or share yours. /r/Startups is a similar subreddit, but with less subscribers.
  8. Chic CEO – The website aims woman who want to start a business, but there are plenty of resources for both genders. Similar site is Ladies Who Launch.
  9. LinkedIn – Social network for everyone who is looking for business contacts.
  10. Noobpreneur – As the title says this blog has a lot of beginner-friendly articles about the topic.

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