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Deosai Plateau

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The national park Deosai is located in the north of pakistan, province Gilgit baltistan. It is situated near the Astor district, the name of Deosai refers to the area or land of giants, it is considered to be the 2nd land plataue  of the world­­­. It is situated about 4114 meters above from the sea level. The plane is rich of its flora and founa in karakuram. Deosai is accesible from the district skardu.

 DEOSAI PLATEAU : Known for the rolling grasslands studded with multicolored flowers, sporadic windstorms, haunting desolation and enthralling wildlife, the seldom visited Deosai Plateau (now a national park & protected area) is located in the southwest-northwest of Skardu, at 4,300 meters (14,000 feet) and is the natural habitat of the GreatHimalayan Brown Bear (equal to size of the American Grizzly) & Himalayan Marmots. The undulating slopes of Deosai Plateau domain several summer swamps and a unique replica of Arctic Tundra with many interesting alpine and Arctic plant forms. Most species bloom at the same time - during the brief summer of July and August when, addition to sedges, grasses and dwarf willows, many plants grow in tufts and some form compact cushions.

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