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What Does Marketer Promote?

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Marketers usually market ten type of entities, which are as under goods, services, events, experiences, persons, places, propertiesorganizations, information and ideas, now we briefly discus the following categories,
Bulk of physical goods produced by countries, which include cars, trucks, televisions, machine tools, cosmetics and various others goods which are physically touchable,
As growing economies largely focus on the production of services, services are the activities which are paid by the work of airlines, hostels, care rental firms, barbers and beauticians, maintenance and repairing people, and accountants, bankers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, software programmers and management consultants. Many market offerings consists of a variable mix of goods and services,
Marketer largely focus on the time base events  e.g trade shows, artistic performances and company anniversaries. Sporting events such  as Olympic, crickets matches, world cup events are promoted by the marketers.
Marketer share their experiences. A firm can create, stage, and market experiences
Usually the firms market their businesses through celebrity marketing because the celebrities have large number of fans. Artists, musicians, CEO, physicians, high profile lawyers and financier and other profession all get help from celebrity marketing.
Properties have intangible rights of ownership it might be real property or financial properties. Properties are bought and sale to earn revenues fro this purpose there is need of marketing . real estate owner are the agent which done the business of buying and selling of property, they buy and sell residential and commercial areas.
Organizations largely focus to build a clear, favorable, unique image in the minds sets of target customers, in develop countries the companies provide clear information about the product and every thing they does. Corporate identity campaign are the results  market  research programs.
Information is essential which is provided by the marketer through books, schools, and universities. The production packaging and distribution of information are some of our society major industries, even companies sell their product with information.
Every company market their product with an idea, product and service are platform for delivering some idea on benefits. Social marketers are busy to promoting such ideas by creating awareness about AIDS,  encouraging family planning, and discouraging smoking. Which fall in the realm of social marketing.

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